B.i.t.Lock is a 2D puzzle game that revolves around different blocks that move in a grid-based system. These blocks can be shifted and shaped to create certain patterns, which are required to solve the puzzle. All blocks move at the same time in the same direction and interact with their environment. A puzzle is solved when the movable blocks fill out the required shape with a certain pattern.

You navigate through six different worlds with their own themes and mechanics and free the world bit by bit with each level solved. Each world has its own style of gameplay and requires different ways of thinking to solve the puzzles.


This game started as a student project at FH Hagenberg.

Many thanks go to Jeremiah Diephuis for his great project supervision!


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B.i.t.Lock Windows 32-bit 44 MB
Version 1
B.i.t.Lock Windows 64-bit 47 MB
Version 1
B.i.t.Lock Linux 32-bit 47 MB
Version 1
B.i.t.Lock Linux 64-bit 47 MB
Version 1
B.i.t.Lock OSX 47 MB
Version 1

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BitLock - Original Soundtrack (compressed MP3) 38 MB
BitLock - Original Soundtrack (lossless WAV) 529 MB

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